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2021 books in review

In this post:

  • All the books I read in 2021.
  • Highlights from GoodReads.

The last book of the year was a book I bought my Dad who really likes the simple guilty pleasure airport novels. We read the book together over the holiday. It wasn’t something I would ever choose to read on my own, but it was a fun experience to read a book with my Dad at the same time. Cause he’d never read something I normally read. 

I had decided to start re-reading Robin Hobb’s books. About 10+ years ago I read the first 6 or so of her books and didn’t realize she wrote 18 total. I’ve always felt her books were some of the best that the fantasy genre had to offer and continue to highly recommend them to anyone that likes fantasy. The second read through was even more enjoyable than the first.