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CEO of Nullen llc

Kyle W. Null

For the last 20+ years I’ve been helping professionals, students, and good causes realize & reach their full potential through the wide array of creative skills, talents, and passions I have.

I always looking to network, brainstorm, and collaborate with sincere, passionate people trying to make themselves and the communities they care for stronger.

Professional Specialties: Experience Design, Creative Problem Solving, Informatics, Local Businesses, Nonprofits, Montessori Schools, and Education.

Personal Interests: Music, Songwriting, Reading & Learning, Great Movies & TV Shows, Computer Video Games, Writing, Growing Ideas, and Creating Things.

Nullen Creative Services & Consulting

I’m dedicating my life to building a business that focuses all of its resources on helping local companies and passionate people grow. We only work with local companies that also aim to making their local community a better place.

The goal is to create a working model that can be shared spread throughout the United States and to local communities around the globe.

Everything I Know

I’m all for helping people get ahead in life.

I’ll be utilizing this section of the site to share insights and discoveries that I’ve found useful and helpful throughout my life. 

At some point, I’ll be turning this into a YouTube channel where I’ll pair the two together.



I’m committed to inspiring everyone I know and care about to read more, including myself.

I’ll be utilizing this area to archive all of my reading, insights from that reading, and share it all here for friends & family. 

Inspired by GatesNotes.