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Benjamin Franklin: An American Life

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  • Initial reaction after reading Benjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Issacson.
Benjamin Franklin: An American LifeBenjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson
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There's so much in here that you never learn in school. All of the coolest and most interesting aspects of history. Everyone met at Benjamin Franklin's house to create the constitution. A meeting of demi-gods as I believe Jefferson put it. It's absolutely incredible to read some of the details of this and how casual it was, but how he lived his entire life leading to that moment. Of uniting intellectuals and philosophers together to create a brand new form of government. Starting with the Junto he made many years before it.

I think the key bullet points from this book should be taught in schools. Connect the dots for future citizens.

I think the most important phrase I gathered and will hold with me going forward is how important tolerance is to make liberty possible in our country. And that liberty is a beautiful word and thing that people don't consider the definition of often enough. If they did, they'd understand why they were able to pursue their version of happiness without someone else imposing a different version of "happiness" on them instead.

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